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. pleeeaaase?” He continued playing with Winifred’s wet twat for several more minutes, saying nothing, making himself familiar with her naked and ...elpless body. She felt a warmth of new arousal between her legs, and her body no longer felt chilled. Winifred knew that her lustful desires were beginning to betray her. She had been up since four that morning and refused Simon his morning glory shag, because she had to prepare for the politician’s interviews. They had fucked every chance they had. Knowing Chloe wouldnt wake till she was in a cell. After an hour and a half. she pulled into a drive way a fence opened. She pulled through and parked the car. Pulling Chloe from the car, she walked to a little post and pressed a button. The ground gave way leading to an underground bunker. She brought Chloe still sleeping and placed her on the table not worried because Chloe was asleep. She cut all Chloes clothes from her body smiling and loking her lips. at her nude body. She left her on the. " Excellent," Steve smiled. "Now before we continue with the interview, we need to do something about your uniform." But sir," she stated, "this is what the agency told me to wear." The dress that the agency gave her was ultra conservative, white lace collar right up to her neck. The hemline was an inch, maybe two, below her knees, and what was in-between looked more like a potato sack than a dress."I'm sure it is my dear," he said consolingly, "but it is not acceptable. Down that hall," Steve. "What does this form look like?" I think I saved a copy," I muttered, and went off to the office to print one. Bringing it back, I said, "It's sort of like a school event release, you know? It just covers my ass. Do you think your mama would sign it?"Kate glanced over the form and surprised me with, "This lets her swim too, right?"I hadn't thought of that. "Yeah, I guess it does. Maybe I should change it."Kate smiled crookedly. "Then again, maybe Mama will like it better if she sees that.".

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