Bhabhi tempting for valentine day

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I spank her, hard, pushing her deeper into Tabby's little pussy. I dart my tongue out at her asshole. she starts to fuck Tabby in circles as she grind... into my face, me poking my tongue into her dirty little hole. I reach under as I tongue her ass and rub Tabby's swollen little clit. Her pussy is dripping. I grab the bottle of lube from the table, and squeeze a large amount on my ex's ass rubbing it in with one hand, and rubbing lube on my cock with the other hand. I gently begin to enter her. I regret it. I know it shouldn't have happened. I know she's my step-daughter. But I couldn't help it. My hormones went stupid, and we hadn't done anything sexually in months."My wife looked at me, smiled and said, much to my shock, "Well, don't worry about it terribly. I'm going to let you in on a secret. I've watched you masturbate at least a dozen times, and on occasion, have even gotten myself off watching you squirt. It's actually pretty hot."I was stunned. Absolutely stunned. And finally. After a few years of him filling my face with cum and fingering my pussy, he decided that it would be good time to take my virginity. He brought me into his bedroom one day while I was at my Uncle’s house. I thought that I was going to get to suck his cock again so once the door closed I went straight to my knees. He gave me a gentle smile and let me take his cock out of his pants and began to suck him. His cock got hard fast and I started to work him so that I would get that sweet cum. He. She stood up, and pulled her G-string down. I then grabbed her hips, and gently threw her on the bed. She spread her legs as they hung over the side of the bed. I took my dick, and gently slid it into her pussy, putting each hand on one thigh for support. It was so tight. “Damn, how long has it been since you’ve had sex?” I asked as I started gently sliding it in and out very slowly. “A-about, a year and a half,” she stuttered enjoying my dick, “Harder, slower!” I did.

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