Cute delhi gal fucked by bf hard

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She posed for me as I took front, both sides, and back pictures. Then I took close-ups of her cleavage, her panties about her waistline, and her pussy... Those pants fit her crotch like a glove. They outlined her mound and even slipped into her slit. I was horny as hell. I told Lucy to go to the party and then grabbed my wife and dragging her to the bedroom. She giggled all the way.Once there she said, “Looking at your sexy daughter turns you on hey!”I confessed, “Yeah! It did! Did you see how. Gripping her hips, I pressed deep and reveled in the feeling of her body. She pressed back against me and something inside tightened. I took a breath and made a thrust, holding it inside her again. Soon she was breathing quickly, looking back and biting her lip.“Please… Please, harder. I can’t cum like this…” I grinned and picked up my pace. Now I clearly felt something at the end of my thrusts, but it disappeared every time or so. I aimed for it, until I pressed tightly against her each time.. This is a national security threat, and we’re going to take it all the way out.”“Whoa – we’re not talking about killing him, are we?”“No. Of course not. This IS America. No, we’re just going to make sure he can’t do any more harm to anyone, that’s all. Let’s keep in mind that this guy is a serial rapist with a god complex and the computer software to turn his dreams into other people’s nightmares.”“So we wait, right?”“Yes. We wait and we monitor. Simpson, are all the sensors in place and. The sensations were intoxicating, thesoft, yet unbelievably tight flesh I'd lusted after on many women, nowbelonged to me. Another of my small, slender fingers joined the firstas I discovered what my new body enjoyed. I figured out an optimalposition, using both hands to stimulate both my clit and pump awayinside me.It was hard work, but well worth it. I lost my rhythm as my entire bodyshuddered, and I moaned loudly with my first orgasm. It was euphoric,and I started giggling like a little.

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