When I said that sounded cool and I wanted to go he said I don’t think so. John said you have to enter with a man and I won't feel comfortable takin... Kylie.Without hesitation Kylie looked at me and said can you stay one more day and take me tomorrow? I instantly looked at John and he nodded and said it’s fine with me if you can do it. I told her if I could get my flight changed my hotel stay extended and my appointment adjusted I would love to take you. Everything fell into place and I. Strangely, and so strongly, appealing?! But it was!Megan started to walk on down the hallway, but turned after a few steps, and looking back at me (I'd followed her part way out into the hallway) and said: "I'm going to LOVE fucking some big black guy with a BIG black cock." She grinned."That's what you want, right?" She added.My silence was all the assent Megan needed; and she smiled once again. She even laughed slightly. "I sure hope you enjoy all this; because I know that I sure as hell AM!". So I'm going to my sanctum to seewhat magic I can brew up."After she left I looked over at Katie. "Do you have any idea what she'stalking about?" Not a clue Steve," she said.*********************It was noon on the Friday of the reception and we were getting ready toleave the estate. The Donegal family some years ago had used theirinfluence to purchase Blake Island in Puget Sound. It was something of ascandal at the time since the island had been a state park but thegovernment in Olympia. He came from behind the bar and started to kiss his wife. God was I turned on.Zoe started to sneak her hand under my top. My legs were shaking. I drank my cocktail. I felt her fingers pinch my nipples through my bra. I had no defense I didn’t want a defense.Bill’s leather shorts exhibited a very prominent bulge right then. Zoe took my hand and guided it to the bulge. I stroked it through the smooth leather. It felt awesome.I knew you would enjoy this Mel,” Bill whispered into my ear and then he.

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