She was laying on their king sized, 3 foot tall bed. She motioned for him to join her as he kicked off his shoes. He climbed on the bed and lay next t... her on his side. He leaned in and kissed her with one hand on her cheek. They continued to make out, just happy with finally being together, he ran his hand down her neck, over her breast, and down her stomach to rub her still familiar clit. She moaned into his mouth, that same sound he’d heard in his dreams since he left. She arched her back. The sudden pain released her orgasm and Adam worked hard to suck all the juices streaming freely from her body. She sagged down onto the towel and appeared to have nearly passed out. After a moment though her eyes flickered open and he felt himself swell even more knowing this woman was his for the taking. Adam moved up the sand beside her so that he was kneeling in front of her face. His penis was already engorged and was at least 9 inches. Alexis hadn't remembered ever seeing a penis this. Isn’t there something in your contract about improper relationships with students?”Miss Duke looks scared. “Oh, shit! Damn! I know what happened. — Oh, I hate email!” She lowers her head and then looks back up. “What are you going to do with that?”“I haven’t decided yet. I thought maybe first we could play some games together, like dress up. Since you don’t have a very high opinion of cheerleaders, I thought maybe you’d like to borrow my outfit and do some cheers for starters.”“Do we have to do. Just so tiny and perfect and untouched. By the feel of it she might have never even masturbated or stuck anything inside. So innocent. I rub gently, lightly fingering the rim of the hole, seeing what she feels. Some tickling, a slight stickiness. I start to notice how she smells. Fruit. Mango I think. Not the same as her mom, but just as clean, just as sweet and pampered. But simpler, more like regular soaps and shampoos. Just pure. Not trying to impress anyone with womanly smells.I press one.

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