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But we were still waiting to have a sex on beach (as we saw it in a video)The island also offers beach tents at Radhanagar beach. It was really amazin.... It was on other side of island few kms from resort. Our tent was just away from the beach ,with a soft bed and a fan. No light, only a lantern. An enclosed but open top toilet and a lantern outside.Few eats and soft drinks, umbrella and just two of us. And a scooty. There was no fear of any a****ls. We were the only ones there. The entire beach. ... Ten.... I wear dresses, too, and I won that beauty contest.... Nine.... Eight.... My hair didn't grow this long overnight.... Seven.... Six...." "You're a girl?" I started laughing. "You are a trip, Jason, a real trip. How long have you known me, and how long have I looked like this?" "You know, something. You're really pretty," he said quietly. "No wonder Mom thought we were going to date. How can you be my sidekick and be a girl? Captain Danger doesn't.... How long have you been a. “He goes to school at Berkeley, and he’s not home much ... and I didn’t want to jinx us.”Cindy took her hand. “And you didn’t want the rest of us to tease you about him...” Suddenly it dawned on her. “Oh my, Krista, you’re serious about this guy.”“Yeah ... I guess so...”“And now you’re insecure, all of a sudden?”She nodded.“That’s a first.” Cindy hugged her. “Your secret’s safe with me, but I don’t think it’ll be a secret very long. Here he comes now.” Krista turned quickly, her smile lighting. I hugged and kissed Jeri and she had tears too. When I hugged Rhonda and we kissed, she made me wish now was the time for her to get pregnant. She told me the same thing.“I’ll let you know, Rick. I’d love for the five us to be together when we make me pregnant and later when we make Jeri pregnant too.”“I love all my girls and I’ll never forget this short weekend we had together. We’ll see all of you at the gym.”“We love you, Rick.” Both of them whispered to me.Brandy hugged them and they.

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