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I could feel the liquid dripping from my entrance as the time passed. Finally looking up I saw daddy’s expression. His eyes were glued open, staring...between our bodies intently. His lips were spread slightly as he breathed harshly, overwhelmed with the feelings. I had been teasing him too long, it was time for the real thing. “Ready daddy?” He simply nodded to me. I understood his lack of words, it was hard to speak. The air had seemed to get thicker with my question. I sent him a reassuring. He looked down the hall and almost called out for Beth then stopped himself. He walked down the hall, spare bedroom in the first door and a bathroom in the next. The next door was Beth’s bedroom; she wasn’t in it though getting changed. He came to the final door, it was pushed closed but not latched. He pushed lightly on it, silently, and peered inside. After what he saw he pushed the door open fully.“What the fuck are you doing?!”Eliot couldn’t believe it and Beth stood there at a loss of what. Then, the boys in the video all shot their cum over her, all four of them laughing and having fun as the video ended.We all stood there, the video finished, now uncomfortable with what the next step would be."Well, we have to start this somewhere, you guys," I told them, "you three go first."I half-expected some crap about that but, no, they all began shedding what they had on and I soon had three very-hard dicks facing me.These guys had been my friends almost forever and here they were, naked. .. yougonna do it....with her eh?" flashing a sly grin. Lew responded with someconfusion "Uhhh, dude I just met her today..... that's not how that wouldwork man..." as Lew looked downcast to the floor. "Hey man I wasjoking..." Jon replied back then remarked "I am sure we can help her out,whatever she needs," positing a thumbs up. "Thanks Jon, that's muchappreciated."Once done with that, Lew headed to his room, but then heard two voiceschatting and giggling in the guest room, which was right.

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