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.aor chuso aur..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..aoooooorrrrrr…..pllllzzzzzz…..bahooot maaaazzzzaaa….aaa….rrrhhhaaa….haiiiii…thodi der bad unhone mje...pakad liya aor apni or kinchne lagi..thodi der bad wo jhad gayi…unka sara ras mere muh me aa gaya…kitna tasty tha wo ras…maine sara ras pee liya…iske baad wo uthi aur mere kapde utarne lagi…mera lund nikalte hi unhone use apne muh me le liya..aur use chusne lagi…15 minute tak chusne ke baad mai unke muh me hi jad gya aur unhone mera sara ras pee liya..uske bad. ” I promised her that she would be safe, so you all can watch but no one joins in and no one tries to hurt her. Are you all ok with that? ” You looked over the crowd as the nodded in agreement. With that, you unhooked my bra and let my boobs free. My nipples were already puckered and you took a moment to suck on each one till they were hard. I moaned in pleasure, loving the attention to my breasts. With your hands you picked me up and sat me on the edge of the table, flipping my skirt up to. Rahul: I saw the photos. His head was covered in blood. But there was none on the seat or the floor mat. The small amount of blood on his face would surely not have led to his death.Arvind: Good point, Sir.Rahul: Do we have his mobile phone location and other data?Iqbal: Yes, Sir, it just came in about an hour ago.Rahul: Go through the list and find out his exact route. Petrol pumps and restaurants would be most likely places that one would visit. Contact every petrol pump and restaurant, send. They want a fixed company and they have asked if you’ll audition for the female lead. It means a lot of bloody work. Six plays to learn, rehearsals during the days you’re not performing. Just like the old days. Fancy it?”“Is Chesty Morgan directing it all?” Chesty’s real name was Melissa but she’d always been known as Chesty after a porn star and because she had a rack like a porn star.“Yep. She’s doing the whole bit. It’s a mix: Victorian melodrama, modern comedy, bit of Shakespeare et cet..

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