“Of course Dad,” she said, as she walked up to him and they tenderly embraced.She buried her head into his shoulder and felt him wrap his strong around her and hold her tight, then felt one hand start to stroke her hair.“I've missed you so much too, and I was so worried about you,” she said, as she tried unsuccessfully to hold the tears back. “After what Mom has been putting you through, I didn't know if you’d hate me, or even want to see me again.” “Oh sweetie, I could never hate you,. The effectives against a vampire are Holy symbols and oak or birch through the heart."We set up the remote sensors in a picket line. Pete said, "A picket line is the most efficient use of available supplies. We used to use it when we were practicing anti-submarine warfare. I remember any time we used any more sonobouys than we needed to we were fined for waste of government issued equipment. What you do is to set the sensors in a line and then, at one end of the line you start another line at. Then next thing I know I look up and Claire is on top of this young man and mounting him. "Claire! what are you doing?" I exclaimed. "Relax Liz, just having a little fun." Claire said as she lowered herself down on the young man's pole. I watched for a minute and got even more turned on. So I decided to do the same. I looked at my young man, pulled his pants off. Had him lay on the couch and got top. I slowly lowered myself down onto his hard rod. I could not believe what I was doing. His cock. She undid the jeans and pulled them down slowly, shaking her hips a little side to side to help her pants down. When she was left in her panties, she bent at the waist, and with her hands resting on her knees, Kendra backed herself towards Dave then turned to smile. Daves left hand rubbed his hard cock while his right reached for the panties in front of him. He gripped both ass cheeks once and then gave Kendra a light slap, You dont need these, he said tugging at Kendras panties. Now fully.

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