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Candles, cloths pins, pliers, and glue.She was wet and anticipating. She returned to the house and I watched her park and come to the door. It had bee... a couple months since we had a real Master and Slave game session. I went to her room and retrieved our play box.On the living room table I placed her dog color and slut tag, handcuffs, riding crop, rope, leather belt (I added that) and camera. I set up the hidden cams in all rooms we would fuck in and made sure the audio was good. More. It keeps him humble in Circe's sight. "You look like you were working hard out there", said Sunny in a fake sympathetic voice. "Yes, Mistress", said Damion and wiped his dripping face with one hand. "It must be very hot", Sunny continued. "It is, Mistress", he replied. "Would you like a drink of lemonade?" she asked. Both the boy and I were puzzled. Then I caught on. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. Jase brought the glass of ice cubes and we told him to get back to work. "Now. Dad gave me a little money and they left. I really wanted to cry but knew it would make me look weak in front of the other inmates so I kept my tears to myself and was returned to my cell block.That night rolled around and I was laying on this filthy little mattress and suddenly felt someone standing over me. I opened my eyes and saw several older guys staring down at me and they said something in Spanish and thats when one of them grabbed me and there was little I could do about it. He was a. I spit just a little bit on it to make it slimier and then put my tongue inside her. She moaned louder and started shouting obscenities in French… “chienne… mon petit chienne… oui… me lecher… ooooouuuiii c’est bon… ne vous arrêtez pas… ooohhhh OH YES ! Please I am coming!” And then Henry spoke again “Sonia dear, your coffee will get cold, please stop and come eat your breakfast…” I looked at him and realised what he was doing and stopped immediately. Helene let out a moan of regret and Henry.

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