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‘Hi.’ ‘What are you reading?’ The words simply zoomed out of her mouth, she was so nervous. He frowned, processing what she just said, and the... sat up a little straighter against the tree. ‘The Bhagavad-Gita.’ ‘Ohhhh, Sort of like the Bible?’ To her surprise, he gave a smile, his eyes glowing as he got up. ‘Yes. That’s right, sort of. You know about it?’ ‘Not really. Just heard about it,’ she replied in shy delight, his unexpected grin warming her from head to foot. She had opened the. "The M-290 is side by side ... you can slap my hand if I get it wrong." Why not one of ours?" Beech might build them but they didn't design them ... we buy too much crap from people who hate us." But you like the Italian?" Uh huh ... it's Swedish." Swede? Now you lost me." The 70 and the 90 are Swedish designed and built ... but the Americans screwed up the Swede's economy, and put Saab out of business. Italy bought the design." So the 290 works for you?" Yes ... their military use it as a. In some dark place deep inside her heart that was probably best not examined too closely, she had to admit that she'd also come to their door in the hopes of being able to get a good, long look at her two beautiful teenaged girls when they were not aware she was there. It felt more than a little disturbing and unnatural to her that she should actually want to spy on her little girls of course, but she enjoyed it far too much for her to want to spend even a moment listening to her better. " Yeessss, yes, yessss!!" Maaasonnnn!!" Baby!" Fuck! I'm cuummiiinngg!!"My entire body shudders and my pussy lips contract tightly around his cock, imprisoning him deep inside me! I lose focus, my vision blurs! My lips become numb! I can feel pins and needles all over my face, my scalp, my neck! I literally zone out for a few seconds! I'm not here, I'm soaring, pleasure engulfing every atom of my being and I'm in complete ecstacy! I never knew pleasure like this could even exist!!Mason buries.

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