Dabbed a fewmore times and then stopped.Next, she picked up a slender black tube. I was told to close my eyesagain. I felt a very cold wet feeling my eyelid from the insideto the outside. She said to keep my eyes closed. Next I felt the samecold wet feeling on my other eye. Again, she said to keep my eyesclosed. I felt her fanning my face with something...About a minute later, she stopped fanning my face and said I could openmy eyes. I looked in the mirror and saw what was eyeliner had. To this day, no one has any idea what became of them. Out of all of the priest that the village has had, Samuel is the only one that never impregnated a single one of his relatives. He only impregnated other women. No more about Ben and his twisted tales, this story is about me and my incestuous adventure into woman hood. From how I lost my virginity to how I found my true love. My mother, Tyra, died giving birth to me at the age of 25. I was her only daughter, but her fourth child all. Nobody rolled their eyes quite like Jen though. "Oh balls to lockdown.What are they going to do, arrest us?"Adrienne had no idea. "Yes. Probably. Anyway, it's for our own safety." You're such a worry wart," her friend huffed. She got up to riflethrough Ade's CDs. "Christ, do you have *anything* that isn't from ananime, a musical or come out in the last twenty years?" Will you stop? Most of my music is on mp3, and you are being a pain."She really didn't though, that was the bulk of her. What the fuck at happened. I had never felt like this before. I had never been with a woman before. The anger and my hated for Julia had built up for so many years. The kinky video of Charlie and Claire. The lingerie. The tool kit. I was a different woman. The moment of relief when I knew Big D wasn’t Dale. It all hit me at once. I’m not sure if it was Julia that turned me on. My humiliation plan wasn’t that. I had reformed myself. Years of sexual frustration with Dale. Now I felt like a woman..

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