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I love the taste of cum and ass. I slid a finger between her pussy lips and gently massaged her clit. “Damn Prof., you are such a little bitch. N... one ever ate my ass like that. No one ever ate my ass until today.” She moved her hips, sliding my tongue in and out of her asshole. I had to pull all the way out sometimes to swallow, but I plunged my tongue back into Mia’s gaping hole. “Get it all bitch. You dropped a big load in my ass. Lick it all up.” I tongue fucked Mia’s ass while. I nod, but first reach over and grab the condom sitting on the table next to us. I hand it to you, and you rip open the packet and push it on. I spread my legs and wrap my arms around your neck. And finally, finally, you push yourself into me. I moan loudly, happy to have you exactly where I wanted you all along. Slowly, you push yourself all the way in. It’s been such a long time that I’ve tightened up. But soon, you’re there. For a while, we just savor the moment, feeling the intimacy and. He looked down and saw that she had spat on his dick for lube. Eventually, she tried to wrap her lips around the head, but had failed. Reece wished her mouth was a bit bigger and her lips fuller. Soon, he was experiencing bliss like no other. He had wished away her gag reflex and she now had most of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue lapped at it as she made great slurping noises. Reece placed a hand on the back of her head and felt he was going to cum, but he had to hold back. "cum for me,". Of course I had one! It was a device that relaxed the user and sent them into a realistic dream scenario, of course it hadn't been long before users had realised it was the ultimate virtual sex toy and started writing their own programs."I do have one." What kind of preferences do you have? Do you like the image of an aggressive machine or do you prefer romantic love?"Now I was really blushing!"Depends on the situation. I like romance but sometimes I like to think about other things."As I.

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