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“I’m going tohump your butt like I do my pillows when I get harddown there.”“I’m a maid,” Fanny responded, not sed...ctively-matter-of-factly, explaining the situation to Don, who wasquite simple about these things. “You’re allowed to dowhatever you like to me. I won’t stop you.”“I can’t make you feel good,” Don corrected. He smiledwith pride for having remembered this. (AdProvider = window.AdProvider ||. 30 pm I left home as I was tired of travel and my orderly came up to my house along with driver.I got down at home and told the orderly to come next day. I went inside aunty`s house with some files which I brought with me for my perusal. I went in to Rahul`s room kept everything there, changed my dress and came for lunch with pajama and kurtha without even underwear because of the climate was hot. Aunty came with ill face and served me lunch. I asked the reason and she said that she slipped. I bug-eyed a little. It was the smallest bedroom but turned into a communal toilet. There were four oval holes in a wooden bench against the wall running the length of the room. The back was wooden with obscene carvings of fat women on toilets and men guffing in their faces. The holes opened onto white porcelain bowls. I peered into one.“Where’s the plumbing?” I ask.“There isn’t any. It’s a 17th century privy. You use it and empty the bowls by carrying them to the toilet.” She undid a latch and. Her ass was massive but it looked so sexy in her black tights they were sheer enough to see she had no panties on, anyway they had a built in brief in already so we're as she described top quality tights, the sheer stretch of the nylon gasping almost pleading, please release me was so horny, normally I would return the favour and eat some pussy but today no I am going fuck her hard and fast until I spew my baby juice into her filling her cunt.I took the tights by the waistband and pulled them.

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