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" It's not fair," I whined, "why are you humiliating me like this?" It wasthen that I made my biggest mistake. I could feel the tears welling up,but I...couldn't do anything to stop them."Oh my God," Fran laughed, "are you crying?" I'm sorry," I sobbed, "I can't help it." You're pathetic," Bethany said, shaking her head, "you're supposed to bea man!" A 26 year old man," Sara added, "and you're crying like a baby." He's not a real man," Bethany mocked, "a real man wouldn't be beaten inan. "You don't, do you? Damn it, Randy, you can be so damned stubborn at times." She glared at him. "If you don't change your mind and tell me you want to take me to the mall right this instant, I'll probably never speak to you again. Is that what you want?" Randy sighed. This wasn't exactly how he'd planned on ending things with Julie, but in the long run it might actually work out better for both of them if people thought she'd been to end their relationship. "C'mon babe, you're overreacting to. .." What!" shrieked Linda. "You really want to abuse a girl like that? Use her like a slab of meat?" Well," Doug stammered, "you all asked and wanted the truth..."The girls all stood and stomped out of the room, muttering "Chauvinist..."Bob said, "What'd you have to go and say something kinky like that for?" Yeah," said Carl. "Now you got all the girls mad at us." What do you want from me?" Doug sighed. "You all insisted that I tell you what I'd do."Later that evening, Doug was alone in his. I find just moving my head causes the bells to ring. My coat isthrown over my shoulders and I'm walked out of the store. I can't believethe feel of the tight leather dress on my skin, the crinkling sound ofthe leather as I walk, the small steps I have to take because of thechain limiting my thigh movement, the coldness of the steel bra cups, thestrap between my butt checks like having a perpetual wedgie, the sound ofthe bells at my ears, not being able to move my wrists away from my.

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