She smiled at me, and I, too, smiled back and greeted her. They told me that she had come from London to meet them. But due to lockdown, she has got s...uck in India. I smiled and said, “It’s good, Poulomi ji. Atleast you will get some more time with your parents.”She said, “Yes, Raj but my kids and husband back in London will miss me.” While talking to her, I realized that she had 2 kids, one 12-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. She was pretty and did not look like 41 years old. But. It was his way of showing gratitude. Thankful, I packed myself and kids up and moved hundreds of miles from home, moving from the country to the big city, all for him. John had loved me for a long time, now I was his, and he wanted to do whatever I wanted... and I wanted him."You need to promise, that you'll fuck my body all day."He kissed my neck, and stroked my hair. I gasped slightly from arousal."I promise."He continued stroking my face and nibbling my neck and shoulder. His hand left my. We were busy sucking and doing oral sex in the mean while she told me that she wanted to get fucked on her sofa as it was her fantasy . I pulled her by her nipples and boobs and threw her hard on the sofa lying nearby . She fell with a jerk but pulled me along we were lying one on another .I got aroused by her playing with my dick and sucking the tip of my cock . I asked her to bend and by holding the sofa back and applied my sakiva on the back hole and with a jerk inserted my cock inside her. Arrangement with General McKnight and the CG.” Nunez informed them, reluctantly. “I promise, it’ll be fine. Please, trust me.”“You stupid fuck!” John accused. “You have an ‘arrangement’? They literally stabbed you! Was it in the back? I’ll bet it actually was!”“It was in the stomach.” Ben tossed over his shoulder.“The point stands,” John snarled. “Anyone who thinks they can still broker a deal after being treated like that is either an idiot, or a weasel! Which one is it? Should I call you.

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