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When Istarted to follow, she told me, "Stay here, sweetheart, and wait for me.Stay on your knees with your head bowed. If another guest wants to useyo..., do whatever they ask. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?"I was filled with dread, but after a short hesitation, answered, "Yes,Miss Cassia."When I went to my knees, I noticed Dr. Morgan's sissy already on hers withher head down. Several men and a few women came over to examine us whilewe knelt there. Two men ordered me to suck their cocks, and. Making her gag and drool. Then he looks over at me and say's "Damn, bro, your girl gives some bomb ass head."I was too ashamed to say anything. So I kept quiet. That's when Rusty looked down at Sasha and said: "Do you like that dick, baby?" Sasha could only mumble "mmmm hmmm" As Rusty continued fucking her mouth.Rusty then pulls his cock from Sasha's mouth. Leaving a long trail of drool, dripping on her tits and say's "Tell my big brother how much you enjoy sucking my cock"Then before she can. This left a world where the women had to take control causing intense actions to be taken. Many women started taking the men as slave no longer seeing them as equals until the early 30's. During this time of slavery the women had started to become sexually frustrated due to the men's members being so much smaller now. This led to a genetics company to create a medicine that cause women to grow fully functional male genitals with the draw back of still being infertile. The medicine became a. “Thanks” Samantha had an arm around my neck.“Jake about the other night, I wanted to say thank you, I thought my first time would be a let down would be painful, but, well it was fantastic, I didn’t think I would cum, but wow” she leaned forward, kissing my mouth, I felt her tongue pressing against my lips, searching for my tongue, we kissed for several minutes. When she broke the kiss, she said “Since then, I’ve been so horny, so hot” she spread her legs slightly, parting her legs a little,.

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