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The armorer was an older man with white hair and beard who obviously struggled as he knelt at Adunynn's feet. "Stand Sir Laury, you cannot show me you... wares from down there." He extended a hand and helped the old man to his feet.The armory was a large room lined with racks of swords, axes and spears mostly, standard fair for the time, most looked to be in great shape. On a shelf in the corner he found about a dozen weapons that he didn't recognize. "Sir, Laury, what are these", he asked. I was shocked to see the video shared by him. It was a clip where I was drinking his cum, closing my eyes. I requested him to delete it immediately. But he started laughing.I was really confused and asked what he wanted. He then said, “You are only mine, and hereafter, you should only obey me.”From that day onward, I became a full-time bitch to my friend Saurabh. I started avoiding Ganesh and I left that WhatsApp group also. But Saurabh started to blackmail me and made me get in bed with his. " "Yes, I'm ready!" squealed Jordan. "I want you to shove that fucking monster of yours inside me, until it splits me apart!" "Well, that's more like it," said Clyda. "Here it comes, love. Don't say I didn't warn you. But this is the only warning you'll get." With that, Clyda grabbed the shaft of her cock, and took careful aim at Jordan's gaping asshole. In one swift motion, Clyda rammed her entire cockhead and several inches of her shaft into Jordan's waiting asshole. "Oh my gawd!" yelled. All just to maintain her reputation. It was tiresome, and yet, she knew that to fail in this eternal dance, or to falter even once could see her cast down. She wouldn't have that. She'd worked hard to be where she was. That was right, all the way back in High School, Jana Moris had seen the social structure emerging and decided she knew exactly where she wanted to be. Right at the top. And she'd been there too, enduring as years passed by and more faces than she cared to remember fought for,.

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