“Can I take payment for the use of my shower now?” I realized straight away that she wanted to fuck me so I went to undo her bikini top letting it...fall onto my face. When I put it to one side I had a great view of her tits, though slightly smaller than her sisters they were just as well proportioned and her nipples stuck out, as they were so hard and aroused. She reached around and started massaging my balls.“Shall we go to the bedroom for a good shag now?” We got up and she showed me into her. When I was finally ready to leave a big deposit in my mother’s womb I just held it in her as deeply as possible and shot my load.It was a complete surprise when Mom turned around and said, “Thank you, I needed that.”That two hours in the motel room drained my balls and satisfied both of those girls.The next day was Sunday and Mom told me that Wanda was on her way over. She had Kitty and she was also going to get a motel room. Mom asked me if she could join us in a couple of hours. That would. Brad told George, “Yes, except for two big differences. If you notice, your two boats have oars and paddles. The boats that the rest will have won’t have either of those and are going to be about three times as big and ten times heavier than yours. It should take them some time to make their own paddles before they even begin to think about going anywhere in them.”They were all looking at the boats, smiling at each other and nodding their heads. The one guy, Blaine Murdock, looked real close. You haven’t had your PITT inspected yet, so let’s do that today. PITT is a funny financial term which, when it’s out of phase, often shows up in our bodies. You’re familiar with stress appearing in the ‘pit of your stomach’ and this is similar, but much lower. May I examine you?”“I suppose, if it’s free. You mean my feet?”“Not that low. Here, have a cherry and leave the pit in this cup when it’s clean. Please stand as you suck on it so I can prepare you. Stella, would you mix the PITT infusion.

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