But somehow, it did. And then the mother stood and lifted the boy from the man’s shoulders and sat him on the bench, where he contentedly grabbed d...d’s arm with one hand and pulled his sister’s golden curls with the other. And since they now had my full attention, I heard mom when she leaned over and fondly kissed dad on the cheek, giggling softly, ‘Don’t let him wear you out, Ron. I’ll do that later, baby!’ In response he laughed and ran his hand lightly over her beautiful hair, saying, ‘Oh. There in bold print, a message to her mother from Gloria with the title, 'You Fucking Worthless Cunt.'Denise read the letter slowly, drinking in every word and line.Slut.You were two minutes late this morning. Plus, you filthy cunt, you didn't even report that to me which means you fucked up twice. I had planed to give you the pleasure of licking me to orgasm tonight but in view of these transgressions I have to punish you. Wear the black leather pants that leave your ass bare as it will be. . Was this university your first choice in colleges to attend?” he got out.“Yes,” I said. That wasn’t so bad.“Florie. Your turn.”“Oh. Um ... Arthur, is ... um ... Kendra your girlfriend?” My eyes must have popped as wide open as I saw Kendra’s. Florie blushed.“No,” I squeaked. I practically scribbled my sketch of her and wrote next to it, “My girlfriend?”“Susan, I’d like you to ask a reasonable follow-up question to Florie’s. Remember, we are not attempting to embarrass anyone.”Susan thought. Who is it?" One of them says she's your daughter, sir." The aide kept his voice carefully neutral.Link sat up and stopped the tape, cutting himself off in the middle of a well-received tirade against the evil tactics of the Florida Orange Growers Association."All right. Show them up, and then make sure no one else comes upstairs." Yes, sir."When Stern and Amanda came in, Link was sitting behind his desk. The aide seated them on the leather couch and left, shutting the door behind him. There.

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