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He led her arm to his dick and put it in her palm and then closed her fingers. She was holding his cock. Dan enjoined the feeling for a minute and pul...ed and pushed his cock around in Linda’s palm ever so gently. He kept doing this and he leaned to the side a bit so that he could smell on the thongs that Linda was wearing. Dan thought “They smell beautiful”, suddenly Linda moved and he noticed she was waking up. He quickly removed her hand from his cock and left the room. He knew she almost. He could read my mind, and pulled me down a little farther so we could get what we both wanted. He rimmed my hole, probing before pushing his huge cock into me, I softly cried out (i was still tight) before ajusting to the rythmic slamming of his cock in my pussy. He lowered his neck to my mouth, still slamming into me. I never wasted time, and began to bite his neck, breaking the skin quickly with my razor sharp teeth. He moaned, he loved it. "Mmm, god, Jess, bite me harder." "Like that?" I. I went to her place and to wonder no one was at her place. I went to pc and again to my wonder i saw it was working good. She immediately sat next to me and held my hand and asked me make love to her. I was blank for few mins but then i said her i cant fall in love with her and told her there can be one condition and that’s if she wants it only for pleasure. she agreed and she played a porn movie on her pc which we began watching together.She grabbed my hand and without wasting much time I. I really was between a rock and a hard place and Carrie might still not be happy that I have told you even now. I am sorry, Jessie, but that is just the way it was.”Jessie stared out the window of the hotel room they were staying in and remained silent for a long time. That hotel window over looked a river but not any old river in Redsands, Georgia but perhaps one of the most famous rivers in the world ... the Danube in Germany made famous by one of Johann Strauss’s most notable waltzes ... On.

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