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Mary always used to say to Julie, "I will only share you if I am there."Julie would always reply, "and I am yours to share as you wish."After one part...cular night out Mary and Julie were working out in the private gym the following morning. Mary was working the weights whilst Julie concentrated on retaining her supple and lithe figure, whilst working on the martial art skills she had become hooked on. "Mary?" Julie asked as she paused to catch her breath still bouncing on her toes in front of. I,m really in your debt. Without you and your other nurses I wouldn,t be here. You must go out for a meal and a drink to thank you properly.” “Okay Joe. Here,s my number where I room with two other nurses. If I,m on duty just leave a message with one of my house mates.” she slipped me a piece of paper. It took me a few days to recover fully and with Momout shopping with my k** brother Austin I rang Rowena,s house. “You,re lucky to catch me in asI switched around with Georgie Payne.” she purred.. " "Oh shit!" I wonder if the guy was arrested. "That's ridiculous! Not to mention stupid, starting a knife fight with a uniformed soldier. Honestly, people come home to be with loved ones and they end up..." I trail off. Losing my cool in front of a patient is not professional. I stop long enough to take off my stupid jacket and resume working the middle of his back. "Sorry about that, James." "Why?" he asks. I finish undoing the knots in his lower back, and start working on his. With no street lights from her house to the bus stop, it wasn’t safe to walk the country roads, especially at dawn, dusk, and at night. The only places she went now was to her Post Office box and to Wal-Mart to buy food. Everywhere else was far away and too far for her to walk. Besides, every time she was out walking she always attracted the wrong attention from leering men. The Post Office was a six mile round trip and Wal-Mart was a twelve miles round trip. Never allowing her to drive her.

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