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She could feel the tip of his tongue flicking her nipple as she came closer and closer to climaxing. He took the other breast in his mouth and showed ...evoured it. As he continued to suckle her breast, he moved his fingers down her stomach until he reached pearl. It had been a while since she felt pleasure like this. As his finger circled her clit she moaned a little. He began to finger her and she could feel herself about to cum. He continued teasing her nipples and she gyrated her hips in. Sometimes you can't wait to be stuffed in a laundry bag and dropped down the chute. Anything, just to be clean and folded again.Is it really that bad? Don't you get wrapped around lovers sometimes? Don't you just bask in the glow of two lovers?Surrounding them, soaking in their passion?You want to soak in their passion? Fine. Listen to this one. It was my thirty-fourth bed, I was Top, working with a veteran Bottom. Guy comes into the room, just another lonely businessman on the road, except. She pushed her breasts against me and whispered in my ear that she loved how tall I had grown.She took me in her car to her house outside the little town, surrounded by a big garden with flowers and berry bushes. Her living room had two large couches on the thick carpet in front of the TV. After we sat down, we talked about our lives during the past years, and then she wanted to know why I finally came to visit her. I had thought about my answer to such question before and told her honestly. This should be read only by adult readers of eighteen years old or older. If this subject matter offends you do not read, you have been warned. All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older.Earlier that afternoon Lorelai Rory’s Mother had been called to The Chilton School for a meeting with the headmaster. When the pretty mother in her early thirties arrived she was immediately escorted into the dean’s office and as she looked at the headmaster across the massive desk, she.

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