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She is so competitive she has to take any challenge, ‟Hey, Kim,” Bonnie sneered, ‟I can give more guys anal in an hour than you can.” Kim resp...nded, ‟No you can't!”Kim and the other girls/women of the show star in many, many fanfictions and Rule 34 art works. It is a show that provides opening for any kind of fetish you might desire.Disclaimer:The setting is public, anyone can add and I don't moderate. Write what you want, not to meet requirements I demand. That being said –Basic CHYOA rules. I am sure it is not on his face book account, where his family might stumble on them," I explained. "Joan if you want out, this is your best chance. If you want to lose everything, this is your best chance for that as well." Rose, you are scaring me. He is just a horny teenager, isn't he?" she asked."Let's hope so. But that stalking and taking pictures could make him something worse," I suggested."I will get his phone at the first opportunity," Joan suggested."Why don't you just ask him to. Ganz besonders angenehm war es im Sommer, weil ihre Eltern auf dem Lande lebten, mit einem großem Garten. Es war im August und Frankfurt klebte richtig vor Hitze. Da ich noch im Büro bleiben mußte, fuhr Susanne schon früher raus zu ihren Eltern, ich sollte am Wochenende nachkommen.Endlich Freitag, ich nahm mir schon ab Mittag frei und fuhr los. Vor dem Wochenedverkehr kam ich gut durch und stand gegen 3 Uhr vor Susannes elterlichem Häuschen.Die Hitze war jetzt am größten, im Garten war niemand. " Let me see what you got so far," she started, "Maybe I can help."Hmmm...I thought. I really liked Linda and I think she is a really nice girl, but she does not come across as a literary genius. How she could possibly help me with my story was totally beyond me.I walked over to my computer desk and sat down in the big chair in front of the screen. I searched through my document folder and opened the story I was working on. Linda stood behind me and looked at the screen over my shoulder."Not.

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