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Somehow, I wasn’t surprised when Lynette softly said, “My mom said we could use their bedroom after we had some time in the hot-tub. I don’t thi...k she’ll be upset if we skip the hot-tub and jump right to the bedroom action, do you?”With a chuckle, I replied, “Probably not.” I then leaned down and gave her a gentle but passionate kiss on her lips. She tried to pull her mouth away from mine when she felt my tongue snake out and probe her supple lips. I quickly put my right hand behind her head to. I foundmyself agreeing with her. Who can argue with that, really?Anyway, about a month later I saw Jake again at a foundation function.His daddy made millions in commercial development, so I managed to geton the board of the foundation in hopes of getting some business. Jakelooked great. His hair was lighter, and he was even more slender. Hewore this tailored shirt and snug slacks. I have to admit I found myselfstaring at him at the meeting. The way he crossed his legs at the knees,the way he. Julia dropped my cock out of her mouth while looking at Charlotte’s fanny and said “Fuck when did you do that”Julia’s hand went between Charlotte’s legs. I lent forward and saw she had a totally bald fanny, my first bald fanny. Charlotte’s legs started to part and she had the most beautiful set of fanny lips I had seen.Julia had her hand stroking over Charlotte’s bare fanny, I wanted to do the same but my hand was under Charlotte’s hand, I pulled my hand out of the way and Julia went to kiss. Through my moaning I asked “Is this your first blowjob?” to which she replied with a grunt and a nodding of her head. Such a pleasure and joy! The entire time she was on her knees, we never broke eye contact. She started to move her head back and forth on my cock, I started to move my hips back and forward. I wanted so much just to shove my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat, but I wouldn’t do that, not to my Hannah. She was able to get my first 3 inches down without gagging, I.

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