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Damn, Tammy looked good!I could see the braless shape of her tits covered by the lingerie. They looked firm and perky. Yes, perky was an overused word...but it was the right description of Tammy's tits. It was hard to believe I was thinking about my own sister's tits.Tammy turned to look at the TV. I took the opportunity to look at her panty-clad ass. Wow! What an ass! My cock ached."Would you move?" she said perturbed when she looked back.I moved and sat up."You want some?" Tammy said.My mind. Jennifer was beside herself with joy all morning.After lunch Sherrie put her down for a long nap in preparation for an exciting evening. We dined at another of New York City's restaurant icons, and had a private box for the show. From the second the orchestra began to play, until the curtain came down after several encores, Jennifer glowed with joy.It was worth the trip just to see the stars in that little girl's eyes. She bounced in her seat, sang along with the chorus, hummed with the. When I woke up it was 3pm in evening. And my uncle and aunt still didn’t come from office. Woke up and went to hall. My sis was there watching TV. I went to her and she asked me to sit down and we were watching songs in TV. She leaned on my shoulder and was watching the TV. While she was leaning I saw her cleavage. Omg I got a bulge in my pant. I somehow adjusted it and excused her to go for restroom. In the restroom I saw her bra and panty. I took her inners and smelled it; loved her smell. I. It is about 20 minutes to my house and I was feeling the effects of all those drinks. Not drunk, but not near sober; I drove very carefully. The garage door wouldn't open and I thought a hell of time for the batteries to go out in the remote. I left the car in the driveway and went to the front door. The security chain stopped the door from opening. What the fuck, why is the chain on the door? Julie knew I was going to be late. I started to bang on the door, no answer. Dead silence except for.

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