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"Uh, I texted saying we were on our way." Tori says, unable to look away. "What uh, what's going on here?" She asks, regretting it."The blondes are fu...king the brunettes with their mouths, Vega. Keep up." Jade says, watching the Puckett twins' asses as they continue to orally please the brunette teen before them. "Didn't know you liked tits, Shay." Jade says, scanning Melanie's and Sam's body. "I have to agree with Cat here. Can we join in?" She asks, walking behind Melanie and rubbing her ass. He cupped her ass cheeks in his hands and repetitively squeezed and released them.Floating in the water and being supported by TC's hands, Theresa raised her feet to tease TC's dick. When she brought a foot to either side of his manhood, her eyes opened in amazement. She leaned back slightly, and looked between them. "Holy shit! Do you have a license for that thing?" It's not dangerous, it just loves you like I have for the last two years." God, I gotta try that on for size. I hope it fits.". “I ... I can’t BELIEVE you would say that to me,” she declared. “Is this your idea of how to sweet talk innocent, nearly naked girls into giving up their virtue to you?”I smiled at Christy.“Well, after hearing last night what you want to do to me (her face turned even redder), and what you want me to do to you (she was already past Coke and Marlboro red again), I’m not sure just how much virtue you have left.”“And if you keep talking like THAT,” she tried to say in a very stern voice, “you. Finally Clam got up in silence and Sarah followed him inside. They were in a complete state of shock. Clem collapsed in his easy chair. Sarah fell to the floor at his feet. I love you Scotty. I am so sorry. I know I did all this to you. I should have gone back when you first told me to. That sheriff knows something. I could tell and I dont know what it is. Something has broken loose, somewhere. She looked up, tears welling up in her eyes. Sarah, what did you put on that paper? I gave him my.

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