. master woke up at morning before going to job he grabed my hair knelled me down and told to suck his dick I did as he said till he burst da cum all ...ver my body.. I wasn't cleaned in 4 days I smelled bad and was totally eaxusted as I was straight and dese days were like hell to me.. he took me to the shower tied my hands to the shower and washed me clean he was running his hand on my chastity making me hard I was so arosed I wanted to cum bad but I couldn't he washed me clean then I was give. These girls are mine, and I am theirs. Dee Dee collapsed, crying and laughing, whispering endearments, her arms pulling me tightly into her still. She calmed enough to kiss me one last time and say ‘I will always love you.’ I held her and whispered ‘That’s because we were made for each other. It’s a chemical attraction!’ Donnie’s Story Oh my GOD!! Watching Andrew take (and I mean TAKE) Dee Dee was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. How in the world did Dee Dee stay so calm last night, when. I spent a long time proving it with kisses and caresses."What the hell?" she asked, taking her arms from around me. "Oh my god, Danni, you're bleeding!"The insides of both of her arms were covered in blood.I went into the bathroom and tried to wipe it away but couldn't reach it. That problem was solved when she took the cloth from me."Your back is covered with blood, honey. It might hurt a little, but I've got to clean you up before I can do anything."I gritted my teeth and winced a. Mere dost ka naam karan hai aur vo mere sath collage me padhta tha tabse hum pakke dost hai akshar humara ek dusre ke ghar aana jaana rehta tha.Humare family jese relation ho gaye the uske ghar me vo uske mummy papa uska bhai bhabhi aur unki do chhoti ladkiya rehti thi, karan ke papa ek govt employee the aur uski mom house wife uska bhai kisi private company me kaam karta tha aur mera dost govt. job ke liye preparation kar raha tha. Aur me bhi uske sath hi preparation karta tha aur sath me job.

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