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They continued chatting on and off for a few months all of us wishing we didn’t live so far apart when Neil told us of a potential trip that his fri...nd was planning to watch the Scotland wales rugby match that would enable him to come to Cardiff .We kept in touch and we were told the trip would take place and Neil was coming down Emma was so excited about it she couldn’t wait to meet him eventually the time came and we arranged to meet Neil at the hotel they were staying at when we arrived Neil. I walked extra slowly on my way back. Checking out my watch, I've been gone a whole 20 minutes. I made some noise when I got back so Robin would have enough time to stop reading what I wrote.When I got to my room, Robin was gone, but I did notice that my diary was not in the same place I left it. Now my secret was out. I wonder what Robin will do now that she knows her little brother is a big perv. At least I had an excuse to go to her room, which is to find out what she thought of the video. I. I took some of the water cupping it in my hands and washed my face and arms. I felt better but really wanted to wash my hair and bathe my body."Is there more of that to drink?" Lara asked wearily."Yeah," I replied. I pushed the button and got a basin for her and took it over. "It's kind of warm but is very refreshing."I helped her with it. She was still very weak. She too drained the bowl."Do you want more?" I asked gently.She nodded her head no briefly, then winced. She proceeded to rub her. I’m done with Sylvester, that’s my husband, and everything that he stands for, in fact. And I’m moving in with my brother now. I don’t care where he lives, but I’m moving in with him. I’m gonna stay with him for the rest of my fucking life, and I don’t care what the consequences are now. I’m only keeping his wedding band long enough to fuck my own brother with it on my hand. That would be the final insult that he deserves!” Karen stage-whispered as she kissed me even harder now.“Sounds like.

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