About 14 yrs back, when I was 16 yrs young, we were living in a rented house. It was a cluster of houses and all the residents were very close with on... another. Totally we were 2 boys and 4 girls. The other boy was 5 yrs younger to me. All the girls were older to me. We used to play with each other all the time. There was no time bar. The play used to go till late evening. If the girl’s parents go out of town they used to stay with us and vice versa. We were like brothers and sisters. We never. But this was way before the internet and porn sites. Way before VHS and porn tapes. Playboy was still the magazine you hid under your mattress to whack off to at night. Birth control pills that were to cause what would be known as the Sexual Revolution had only become available a couple of short years before. I wasn’t a virgin but the first girl I’d been with had broken up with me shortly after we’d had sex. Looking back, I think she only used me to lose her virginity. Neither of us had really. ..WOW, OW,” yelled the handsome, fair-haired teenager. “Thirteen Sir,” he added. The next stroke soon followed and was similar in force, landing just a fraction lower on his buttocks.‘OH, OH, OW, AH...... OUCH,’ he cried. “f******n Sir.” With two more strokes swiftly applied, Alan contorted wildly, the searing bite of the cane making him wonder whether his bottom would ever recover from this terrible ordeal. “Two more strokes Matthews,” announced the voice of the man from Harlech as he swished. ” He said simply. Kirsten was like a deer caught in headlights and just started at him. Rodney was getting impatient – his raging hard-on was now straining painfully against his shorts, and he decided to take them off. His cock jumped out of its prison, thick and erect, pointing, it seemed, directly at its intended target. Kirsten, who had never seen a black cock before, stared at Rodney as if he’d just grown a second head out of his neck. “Take of your clothes, bitch!” Rodney screamed at her,.

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