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Walking in on this site, Peter was dropping his trousers and mounting her moments later. From then on they slept together. A few months later Lisa wen... to the doctors and was told she was pregnant. When Peter got home that night she sat in his lap and said, “Daddy, you’re going to be a Daddy”. Peter looked puzzled for a second or two then he realized what she was saying, then he was scared, it was bad enough he had got his mother pregnant and now he had got his daughter pregnant. Lisa saw the. When I tried to open that door I found it locked and then I noticed that it had a brand new deadbolt holding it shut. It had never been locked before and my curiosity was aroused.That evening my mom appeared at dinner and she was wearing a low cut black cocktail dress. Again I marveled at her body and I began to conclude that mom had been spending some time at a plastic surgeon's office. I took inventory; face lift, tummy tuck, new boobs, and her butt even appeared small round and firm!"I hope. Some of the women and girls noticed their bed sheets in unusual positions, but nothing to be alarming.It was not for several weeks before the town physician became concerned that many of the town's girls and women were coming to him with early pregnancy symptoms. Most of the women and girls were even on birth control. Most professed a lack of sexual contact during the time when conception would have been most likely.The most alarming of the pregnancies was a 10-year old girl who showed no signs. She deleted the email, but then another appeared.“Subject: An attitude adjustment will be required.”Marta opened the message. This one had a little more to it:“Hello, Marta. This is your conscience writing. Or, what passes for one. You’ve been ignoring me for too long, so I need to take drastic action.“I’m tired of us flaunting our body like a whore, teasing men to get attention and using them for favors. We should do our own work and let everyone else get to it.“Consequently, I’ve decided to.

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