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I really don’t know how they got different color hair but I’m not going to question it. I thank God that they’re both healthy. We love them to d...ath and would do anything to make sure they have what they need. Now that they’re 18 years old, they can take care of themselves but we’ll still be there for them when they need it. But anyway, I’ll tell you guys more about them when that time comes. Derisa Lynn and I have a few things in common like our parents are best friends and that we share the. She could tell that Nina was getting close to an orgasm, and wanted to see how she would react.In a small voice, she heard Nina ask, "G-Gretchen, m-may I come please? I'm so close."Gretchen smiled, pleasantly surprised that Nina had remembered her instructions, but decided against letting it happen right now. She lightened the caress of Nina's pussy, and said, "No, not yet little slut. Maybe later. Now, up you get."Nina groaned in disappointment, but knew there was no point in arguing. With. Then she left to attend the first of several meetings on the program. True to his word, Leon accompanied her to the small auditorium and told her that he would be back to pick her up when the meeting was over."You don't trust me at all?" she asked, new anguish coursing through her."No!" Leon told her. "No, I don't trust you any more than I trust those two bastards who've been fucking you!"Sarcasm dripping from her words, Virginia spat hissingly, "But you - you're different?" I'm honest about. There are some scenes which are not suited tominors so if you aren?t 18 years old stop reading now. Dear Readers,this is a kind of a sequel to my story Panties for Life. Since quite awhile i am in touch with Domme Mistress Stacey Lynne, who has claimedmy wife as hers. So far only online but who knows how things willdevelop in the future. I have written the i on purpose not in capitalletters in order to show my inferiority to the Mistress.For Saleby GretaDearest Domme Mistress Stacey Lynne,it is.

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