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“Where do you think you’re going?” One of them asked Roban, a tall man himself.“We heard about your group and that you caught some amazons. We...��ve never seen one, and became curious, maybe even want to buy one if we like them. That’s your business isn’t it?” Roban replied.The man scratched his chin and looked at their group. His eyes on Athea he answered. “Looks like you already have one of those, even if it’s a short one. Well, she’s pretty at least.” Turning back to Roban, ignoring the fuming. Why? What if you had broke down , what you have done? She said I'd got a ride with someone. Oh Hell no I said, that's crazy talk. She laughed and said NO I knew I'd be OK. OK what happened when you got to his house, she said well I left my coat in the car and walked to the door. Oh man I am shaking and my feet feel cold by now. She said I rang the door bell and he let me in. Well what then? She said we fucked. OH I know but tell me about it. She said well he has a king size bed and we fucked. "Now close your eyes and do no peek." ordered the Queen to which Edmundobeyed.Edmund could feel something brushing against his fingers, and hisfinger nails. Whatever it was it felt as good if not better then theTurkish delight.After a few minutes he was ordered to open them.Edmund looked down at his hands. His nails were longer, a good 2 incheslonger and painted red. They looked perfect. He had seen his sisterSusan have red nails before but not like this. It did not occur to himthat nail. Derek bends over and picks up the wooden spoon and looks at with confusion. "What do you do with this?" Jon looked at the spoon Derek held and got angry. That was the spoon Nathan picked out for him. He hadn't even used it yet and this asshole had his hands all over it. "None of your damn business. What do you want? Todd's not here." Jon's stood up and looked at the spoon instead of looking right at Derek. Jon didn't like any of Todd's friends and he certainly didn't like that way Derek tossed.

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