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Dan had sped up fucking her ass. She could feel his balls slapping her ass as he fucked her balls deep. The pain was completely gone and replaced with...pleasure.Sarah pulled her mouth off the mystery woman’s strap-on and begged Dan, “Fuck me harder, baby, and faster!”Those were the only words she was able to speak before the strap-on was again shoved into her mouth and down her throat again making her gag and choke.Dan gave Sarah’s ass a hard slap with his hand and told her, “Shut the fuck up. He slowly got to his feet and as they made their way to the door, each one kissed him goodbye. Once they were gone, Will quickly cleaned the room and then made his way to the employee’s locker room. He took a quick shower, put his pouch back on, and went up to the door to sign back in, collecting his tip envelope and putting it in his pouch.Finding Diego, he walked up to him and said, “I am back. Which tables need my attention?”Diego pointed them out and went to tend to his own. As he walked up. . but six was a lot different to twenty. Oh god I had to stop thinking about it, it was just too much, my heart and pulse were racing and my body was all a tremble.Well its one thing to have a fantasy... real life is another thing and I wondered if given the opportunity I would and could handle them all. I mean twenty guys fucking you one after another... over a week maybe... but all in one night.The thought of it all just wouldn't go away, it continued to harass my mind and thinking, whether I. At that point we still had not met Danny or Kathy.As I sometimes get in the hot sun around so many naked people, I was feeling a little aroused, which is actually a bit embarrassing at a nudist club. So I told Sally I was going into the hot tub and sauna...mostly because seldom does anyone go there when it is so hot outside.After a few minutes in the sauna in walks Kathy. She sets down her towel on the bench and sits on it with one leg hiked up and open for me to clearly see her pussy sweat in.

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