I love their gorgeous makeup and sexy outfits. I had finally made it to Target, nearly popping a boner as I walked down the bratz isle. To my dissapoi...tment, their wasn't much selection. After some searching I had found her. I chose the Yasmin All Glammed Up Designer Streaks doll. She was perfect. She was wearing a sexy denim and gold dress sort of top. She had on a pair of white leggings and black high heels. She had on a bit of pink lip gloss and light blue eyeshadow. Her long, dark brown. Main door kholke andr gya aur mam ne ciggrate pass kii mujhe qki unko mere pss se ciggrate kii smell aa rhi thii lkin maine bola “rehn do mam,vaise hii prblm ho gyi h”” vo boli “chro prblm main dekhti kya prblm” aur usne window se bhr chilla ke bola “constable jane do ldko ko” “aur young man unko jane do aur tum mere pss baitho bina kuch liye toh hum apne sago ko nhi chrte” main smjh gya kii jeb dheli hone vli prr mujhe kya pta tha mera kya kya dhela hota.. aur fir maine ok bolke frnds ko bola. Mistress Jaimie arrives and mother has me fetch one of my first chastitybelts that no longer fits around my hips. She shows the belt to MistressJaimie and looks at me and says "take off the dress and the pantiesimmediately."I immediately follow her direction."Yes, I see the advantages, totally flat and really impossible to getto." Do you know how to put it on? I know they are considered so oldfashioned now, but I love the tradition." Honestly no Joannah, I don't."Mother unlocks me, and then. I then slid my hand down across the firm muscles of her stomach and then slid my fingers through the softness of her pubic hair. I could feel the heat that emanated from her tight pussy and then slid one finger between her swollen labia and felt the moistness of her already drenched pussy. I heard her pant as my finger brushed across her erect clit. I continued to fondle her erect clit as she lifted her nipple from my mouth and then pressed her other nipple into my mouth. After some time I.

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