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There we stood frozen with my hand on her ass. I had two choices, move it around or withdraw. I figured, fuck it, and felt her ass good. She turned to...me and said that we really shouldn't do stuff like that at the store, but she was done a 8 tonight. I asked her if I should come to the store and she replied great, she needed a lift home any way. I got there right around 8 and she came out the door to my car. When she got in she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, then a longer one. I asked. She became even more beautiful to me during that time. That woman and our unborn child had become the only thing I cared about or ever wanted. I lost Carrie the woman I loved with my heart and soul on May 10, 1980. I never got to hold our unborn daughter Melissa as well. I cannot bear reliving that nightmare so if you seek details find them in Chapter 12 of my life story.My life was over I could not and did not want to go on living. I did what I had done all my life I ran. I sold that house on. ”“Let’s go greet our family, Mom. I’ve got a load of hugs and kisses to unburden.If you’ll march these two desperado leaders aboard, I’ll be close behind you.”“What may I do, if they won’t march? Pick them up by their skulls?”“Exactly. Of course, if their spinal cords separate, total paralysis results.”“Are they expecting to be immortal, and live forever?” I study their faces.“Yep! They believe so. Probably pretty close to forever. Sally must have really got around. An eternity as. Shanty ke bahu ne sir hilkar hame bharde. Me ne kaha ke aap kuy taklifa kar rahe ho to shanty ne jawab deya ke thumaremaa ne thumare jimedare mujhar par chode he or Thume kuch ho gaya to thumare maamujhe Chode ge nahe samjhe maine sir ko hila tehuwe haa key diy. We se to mare man me shanty ke chudaiy ke kalpana kar rahatha.shanti aaye to mane do kone me alg alg bistar lag waya ke kise ko shak naho. Rat kareb 11.30 pm hum ne light band kar de aab hum ko jis moke ke talashthee wo hame milgay tha..

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